A Basic Analysis Of Trouble-free Plans For Respiratory Medicine

Respiratory medicine

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Todd Campbell: Hi, Kristine! How are you today? Harjes: I’m doing great. The allergies are killing mea little bit,but that’s springtime in D.C. Campbell: I was just going to say, the winter is great for that, butI’ll suffer some allergiesif I can get some warmer weather. Harjes: Absolutely,give me sunshine and sniffles any day. Campbell: Perfect. Harjes: Fortoday’s show,we want to address a very important topic in the world of healthcare thatI don’t think we’ve ever really talked about, at least on a macro level, andthat is the opioid addiction crisis going on in this country right now. There are so manyAmericans out there that have procedures every year thatrequire some sort of pain medicationafterwards. There are so many people out there that needchronic pain medication.

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